Skoda Felicia

Since 1994 of release

Repair and car operation

Shkoda Felitsija
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      Removal and installation of components of a control system by preheat
      Condition check, removal and installation of candles накаливания
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Condition check, removal and installation of candles накаливания



1. In case of infringement of serviceability of functioning of system search of a cause of a failure is made by substitution instead of checked obviously serviceable a component, or with application of the special diagnostic equipment in the conditions of a car-care centre workshop. Some preliminary checks are described in below-mentioned paragraphs.
2. Check up a condition of two safety locks of the system located in the left back corner of an impellent compartment of the car. One of safety locks is calculated on a nominal current strength in 5 And, (larger) - on 50 A.Vybivanie 50-ampernogo a safety lock tells the second about a serious malfunction in chain electroconducting - do not try to replace simply at all burnt down safety lock, preliminary without having revealed and without having eliminated the reason of an overload of a contour - such practice is fraught with ignition.
3. Disconnect electroconducting from the gauge of temperature of a cooling liquid (CTS) that will force preheat system to work in a mode of the cold engine.

Ignition inclusion at disconnected CTS will lead to record in memory of the block of management of system of preheat of a code of malfunction which can be then is removed in the expert with application of the diagnostic equipment. It is possible to leave CTS connected and to wait full cooling of the engine.

4. Connect the voltmeter or 12-voltnuju a lamp-sampler between a wire of giving of a food to a candle накаливания and well earthed point on weight of the block of the engine.

Watches, that the food plug was on safe distance from weight.

5. Ask the assistant to activate preheat system (having turned a key in position II, or having opened and having closed a driver's door of the car) and make sure available pressure of the battery on the candle plug накаливания (on termination of the period of functioning of system of preheat pressure will be disconnected automatically).

6. If pressure of a food is absent, it is necessary to check up a condition of the relay of system and a wire of giving of a food on candles.

7. To find a faulty candle накаливания disconnect a negative wire from the battery.
8. Address to materials of following subsection and disconnect a wire of giving of a food from the candle plug накаливания. Now measure electric resistance between the plug of a candle and weight. The indication over a several Ohm speaks about malfunction of a candle.
9. At presence of near at hand suitable ampermeter connect it between a candle накаливания and a giving wire on it of a food. Temporarily connect the battery.
10. If it is possible, start the engine in the usual way and, having left its working on single turns, read the instrument (about 50 percentage initial jump of amplitude it is necessary to ignore). Compare result of measurement to requirements of Specifications. Rating value for each of candles is the current force 8 And, therefore the indication in 32 And tells about испрвности functioning of all four candles, 24 And - about failure of one of candles, 16 And - about refusal of two сечей, etc.
11. In summary turn out candles накаливания and make their visual survey.



1. If yet have not made it, disconnect a negative wire from the battery.
2. Give nuts, throw off washers with клеммной tyres of candles. Remove the tyre/wire of giving of a food.

3. Turn out candles.

4. Check up working elements of candles on presence of signs of damages. Strong burning out probeа usually specifies in infringement of serviceability of functioning of a corresponding atomizer of injection of fuel.

At all do not check serviceability of functioning of the candles removed from the engine - the serviceable candle is heated very quickly!



Installation is made upside-down. The tightening of candles should be made strictly with demanded effort. Do not forget to connect electroconducting to the gauge of temperature of a cooling liquid (CTS).