Skoda Felicia

Since 1994 of release

Repair and car operation

Shkoda Felitsija
+ Cars of mark Skoda Felicia
+ The maintenance instruction
+ Routine maintenance
+ Engine repair
+ Systems of cooling, heating
+ The power supply system
+ Engine electric equipment
+ Coupling
- Transmission
   The general information
   The description of knots and mechanisms
   Removal and installation of draughts of a drive of a gear change
   Replacement of epiploons
   Check of serviceability of functioning, removal and installation of the gauge-vyklju-chatelja of fires of a backing
   Removal and installation of the mechanism of a drive of a speedometer
   Removal and transmission installation
   Major repairs РКПП, dismantling and assemblage of knots and components
+ Power shafts
+ Brake system
+ Suspension bracket and steering
+ Body and salon furnish
+ Onboard electric equipment


The description of knots and mechanisms


1 — Carter (dome) of coupling
2 — Carter of a transmission
3 — the Primary shaft
4 — the Cover
5 — the Bearing 30205
6 — Bearing PLC 05-12
7 — the Secondary shaft
8 — the Conducted gear wheel of the main transfer
9 — the Bearing 32005
10 — Vyzhimnoj the coupling bearing
11 — the Epiploon of a primary shaft
12 — Nut М22
13 — the Synchronizer of 5th transfer
14 — the Gear wheel of 5th transfer
15 — the Bearing of a gear wheel of 5th transfer PLC 43-18
16 — the Gear wheel of 4th transfer
17 — the Gear wheel of 3rd transfer

18 — the Gear wheel of 2nd transfer
19 — a reverse gear Gear wheel
20 — the Gear wheel of 1st transfer
21 — Nut М22
22 — the Gear wheel of 5th transfer
23 — the Gear wheel of 4th transfer
24 — the Synchronizer of 3/4 transfers
25 — the Gear wheel of 3rd transfer
26 — the Gear wheel of 2nd transfer
27 — the Synchronizer of 1/2 transfers
28 — the Gear wheel of 1st transfer
29 — the Leading gear wheel of the main transfer
30 — Bearing PLC 44-17
31 — the Ventilating stopper
32 — the Lever of deenergizing of coupling
33 — Maslostok

35 — the Axis of satellites of differential
36 — the Satellite
37 — the Lateral gear wheel of the right power shaft
38 — the Gear wheel of a drive of a speedometer
39 — Bearing PLC 64-7

40 — the Epiploon
41 — the Satellite
42 — the Lateral gear wheel of the left power shaft
43 — Bearing PLC 64-7
44 — the Epiploon

Components of assemblage of the main transfer

1 — the Epiploon
2 — the Adjusting washer
3 — Bearing PLC 64-7
4 — a differential Box
5 — the Gear wheel of a drive of a speedometer
6 — Bearing PLC 64-7
7 — the Epiploon

8 — the Lock ring
10 — the Satellite
11 — the Axis of satellites
12 — Conic lateral gear wheels
13 — the Conducted gear wheel of the main transfer
14 — the Screw (8 Nanometers)
15 — Plastic шаровый the loose leaf

The gear change mechanism

1 — the Rod of a choice of transfers
2 — the Protective cover
3 — Trehplechy the lever of a choice of transfers
4 — the Rod of plugs of inclusion of 1/2 and 3/4 of transfers
5 — the Plug of inclusion of 1/2 transfers

6 — the Plug of inclusion of 3/4 transfers
7 — the Plug of inclusion of 5th transfer
8 — the Rod of a plug of inclusion of 5th transfer
9 — the Lever of inclusion of a reverse gear

Sharnirnaja assemblage of a drive of the mechanism of a gear change

1 — Kardannyj the hinge
2 — Pylnik
3 — the Jet bar
4 — the Rubber emphasis
5 — Rubber rings

6 — the Remote washer
7 — the Lock ring
8 — the Internal protective casing
9 — the External protective casing


The transmission cut is presented on an illustration.

Cast aluminium картер boxes consists of three parts connected among themselves: картера (domes) of coupling and the main transfer, actually картера РКПП and covers. From cover lateral aspect the flange under installation of a support of the power unit is provided. The cover fastens to the case of a transmission six long bolts М8х80 and three short М8х35.

In the bottom part картера РКПП the aperture in which the gauge-switch of fires of a backing is rolled is provided. The drain stopper has carving М22, hermetic sealing of its landing is provided with an aluminium sealing washer with external diameter 27 mm and internal - 22 mm.

Inside картера the magnet intended for removal from трансмиссионного of oil of metal particles, internal components РКПП formed in the course of operation is fixed.

Primary shaft

The primary shaft is established in картере РКПП on two conic roller bearings: type 30205 АС6 and type 32005 АС6.

The shaft is delivered in gathering with косозубыми gear wheels 1 4 transfers and прямозубой a reverse gear gear wheel. Thus gear wheels of 1st and 2nd and back transfers represent with shaft a single whole, and 3rd and 4th - напрессованы. The gear wheel of 5th transfer is planted on a shaft on the needle bearing of type PLC 43-18.

Ahead of a gear wheel of 5th transfer its synchronizer, then навернута nut М22х1.5 (12) is located.

Secondary shaft

The secondary shaft is made at the same time with a leading gear wheel the main transfer and established in РКПП on two bearings: the single-row ball-bearing of type PLC 05-12 and the special bearing of type PLC 44-17. Between the first bearing and a leading gear wheel of the main transfer gear wheels of 4th transfer, the synchronizer of 3/4 transfers, a gear wheel of 3rd transfer, then 2nd, then the synchronizer of 1/2 transfers, and, at last a gear wheel of 1st transfer are located. Ahead of the ball-bearing the gear wheel of 5th transfer fixed by nut М22х1.5 is planted. Муфта the synchronizer of 1/2 transfers it is equipped by the gear wreath, intended for reverse gear inclusion.

Kosozubye gear wheels 1 4 transfers are equipped by additional gear wreaths for their interface to synchronizers.

Gear wheels of transfers

All listed gear wheels of both shaft are in constant gearing among themselves. At the working engine and the included neutral transfer of a gear wheel of a secondary shaft are turned on it freely (an exception the gear wheel of 5th transfer makes), the shaft thus remains motionless. At the same time, at the included coupling, gear wheels of a primary shaft rotate together with it, except for a gear wheel of 5th transfer which, being turned, remains motionless.

Use in a transmission косозубых gear wheels has allowed to lower level of noise considerably.
Synchronizers provide unaccented introduction of a shaft in gearing with the gear wheel corresponding to chosen transfer, only after alignment of frequencies of their rotation that guarantees smoothness of switching.

The intermediate gear wheel is intended for connection by a gear wheel of a backing of primary and secondary shaft. At the switched off reverse gear of a gear wheel of shaft are deduced from gearing (in difference from gear wheels of other transfers). At backspacing inclusion the intermediate gear wheel simultaneously enters into gearing with gear wheels of a backing of both shaft. Such double gearing forces a secondary shaft to rotate in the same direction, as primary, car driving wheels thus also start to rotate in the opposite direction, providing progress of the car by a backing. Whereas all gear wheels considered in this case are прямозубыми, the synchronizer here is not provided also a reverse gear it is necessary to include only after a full stop of the car.

Greasing system

Greasing giving to internal components РКПП is carried out by a conducted gear wheel of the main transfer which is partially shipped in oil and at rotation transfers it upwards. From above oil on the pipeline system flows down in the channel of a secondary shaft and carries out greasing of gear wheels and synchronizers.

Inside картера transmissions it is provided small маслосток (33) on which oil sprayed by gear wheels is brought to the bearing of a gear wheel of 5th transfer.

In the top part картера there is a ventilating aperture which is corked with a plastic stopper. On a cylindrical part of a stopper there are the coils complicating passage of oil, however, freely passing air.

The main transfer

Components of the main transfer are shown on an illustration. Assemblage is intended for transfer of a twisting moment from secondary shaft РКПП to power shafts of leading lobbies of wheels of the car, and also for increase in this twisting moment.

The twisting moment increase is reached at the expense of the constant transfer relation (Specifications see).

The basic components of a reverse gear are: the leading gear wheel, which teeths are cut directly on a body of a secondary shaft of a transmission, корончатой a conducted gear wheel to which end face восемью bolts the differential box fastens. The main transfer of such design carries the name cylindrical and differs from other themes that does not change a direction of transfer of a twisting moment. The leading gear wheel of the main transfer has 19 teeths, conducted - 74.

Association of a conducted gear wheel with a differential box has allowed to use the case of the last as basic pins under assemblage landing in bearings.

The differential provides possibility rotation of driving wheels of the car with various speed. At passage of turns the internal wheel moves on smaller radius, than external and if speeds of rotation of wheels are identical inevitably will arise проскальзывание, leading to fast deterioration of wheels. The similar situation can arise and rectilinear movement of the car when tyres of the right and left driving wheels in different degree are worn out, or are pumped up with various pressure. To prevent proslipping and to lower loading on the transmission, everyone their driving wheels of the car is resulted in rotation by the separate shaft connected with РКПП through the mechanism of differential.

The differential consists of the case (box), the satellites put on an axis and the conic lateral gear wheels interfaced to power shafts of driving wheels of the car. The differential case is one-piece. For installation of internal components in it cuts are provided. In a horizontal plane the differential case comes to an end with pins, on which напрессованы bearings type PLC 64-7. External holders of bearings, in turn, запрессованы in apertures картера РКПП.

Bearings are established without a backlash. The pretightness is reached by placing in an aperture of the left bearing of an adjusting washer of a corresponding thickness. Washers are issued by thickness from 2.0 to 2.7 mm with step to 0.1 mm. On the pin located more close to a flywheel the additional gear wheel intended for a drive of a speedometer is established.

Apertures under power shafts in картере РКПП герметизируются by means of epiploons in the size 40х55х7 mm.

The axis of satellites is made of a steel core and stopped from loss from a box of differential by two lock rings, утапливаемыми in specially provided flutes from both ends of an axis.

Satellites represent the conic gear wheels freely rotating on the axis. Between wide end faces of satellites and walls of a box of differential are established тарельчатые the washers which are carrying out a role of plugs.

Conic lateral gear wheels of differential are in constant gearing with satellites. On walls of their apertures are cut longitudinal шлицы, entering into gearing with шлицами internal pins of power shafts.

At rectilinear movement (and identical parametres of wheels) satellites, and being in constant gearing with them lateral gear wheels remain motionless concerning the axis and the case. The differential thus represents as though monolithic assemblage, with identical speed rotating both power shafts. At car movement after a curve, or various characteristics of the wheel assemblages, one of wheels (internal on turn radius, or большего diameter) meets большее resistance which is rigidly transferred to a corresponding lateral gear wheel of differential, forcing it to be braked at the expense of relative moving of planetary assemblage with beginners to rotate satellites. Despite a difference in frequency of rotation of driving wheels of the car, the size of a twisting moment transferred to them remains identical. Thus, if one wheel gets on a site of a surface with the lowered component of coupling (ice, snow, sand, etc.) And the second remains on a firm covering, the first wheel will rotate with raised (up to doubled) the speed, the second can cease to rotate at all.

During car operation it is necessary to watch similarity of characteristics of the right and left driving wheels of the car (pressure of a rating of tyres, degree of deterioration of a protector, geometrical characteristics, etc.) as otherwise the differential will continue to function even at rectilinear movement, creating the additional resistance connected with increase of the expense of fuel.

The gear change mechanism

The gear change mechanism consists of a rod of a choice of the transfers, two rods of plugs of switching and the device preventing simultaneous inclusion of two transfers.

The rod of a choice of transfers is connected by one end to draught of a drive of a gear change, and on its other end is fixed трехплечий a control lever by rods of plugs of switching. The place of an exit of a rod of a choice of transfers from картера РКПП is protected from a dust by means of a rubber cover.

On one of switching rods plugs of inclusion of 1/2 and 3/4 of transfers are planted. On other - a plug of inclusion of 5th transfer and the lever of inclusion of a backing.

The ends of plugs are placed in проточки external rings of corresponding synchronizers. Plug movement leads to displacement of the synchronizer and introduction in gearing of leading and conducted gear wheels of corresponding transfer.

Drive of the mechanism of a gear change

The jet bar located under the bottom of a body, fastens to a transmission and the bottom. In a transmission will screw bolt М6х20 passing through the rubber plug, planted in a tip of a jet bar of the special form. The back end of a bar is established in the rubber emphasis pressed from below by a fixing collar, drawn by two bolts М8х40. In apertures of a rubber emphasis the plugs protecting assemblage from excessive compression are planted. Control lever РКПП is slightly bent and in the bottom part is equipped by the spherical hinge. The bottom end of the lever comes to an end with the cross-section axial plug, and top is supplied by the handle.

The lever hinge is placed the cavity formed by two plugs planted in a support of the special form. On external surfaces of both plugs are provided a flute in which rubber rings are planted. All knot in gathering fastens from above in a support by means of a lock ring under which it is planted a remote washer. The knot protects from pollution rubber duster.

The cross-section plug located on the bottom end of control lever РКПП, is intended for connection of the lever with a plug of draught of a drive of the mechanism of switching by means of bolt М8 and a nut. The second end of draught terminates in the cross-section plug with which help it joins to карданному to the hinge, connecting draught with a bar of a choice of transfers. Not the end of a bar of a choice of transfers it is located connecting муфта 8х20 the mm, fixed at a cylindrical pin.