Skoda Felicia

Since 1994 of release

Repair and car operation

Shkoda Felitsija
+ Cars of mark Skoda Felicia
+ The maintenance instruction
+ Routine maintenance
+ Engine repair
+ Systems of cooling, heating
+ The power supply system
- Engine electric equipment
   - Charge and start systems
      The general information and safety measures
      Check of a condition and battery gymnastics
      Removal and installation of the storage battery
      Check of serviceability of functioning of system of a charge
      Removal and generator installation
      Replacement of the module of a shchetkoderzhatelja/regulator of pressure
      Check of serviceability of functioning of system of start
      Removal and starter installation
      Starter major repairs
   + System of ignition of petrol engines
   + System of preheat of diesel engines
+ Coupling
+ Transmission
+ Power shafts
+ Brake system
+ Suspension bracket and steering
+ Body and salon furnish
+ Onboard electric equipment


Removal and generator installation

Generator longitudinal section

1 — the Forward cover
2 — the Back cover
3 — the Payment with diodes
4 — Contact rings
5 — the Back bearing
6 — ShChetkoderzhatel
7 — a pressure Regulator
8 — Brushes

9 — Stator with windings
10 — the Rotor
11 — the Forward bearing
12 — the Pulley
13 — the Nut
14 — Krylchatka
15 — a rotor Winding

The scheme of connection of windings of the generator

1 — a pressure Regulator
2 — an excitation Winding
3 — the Winding статора

4 — "Positive" выпрямительные diodes
5 — "Negative" выпрямительные diodes
6 — Diodes of a winding of excitation

On considered cars the synchronous generator of an alternating current with the built in rectifier is used.

Essentially all generators applied to a complete set (Specifications see) are arranged equally. The partial longitudinal section of the generator is presented on an illustration, the scheme of connection of windings - on an illustration more low.

The generator case consists of two covers (forward and back), fastened by three long through bolts М5. In the case it is motionlessly fixed статор. Three wire windings connected among themselves by a triangle are reeled up On the isolated metal plates статора. Windings статора are connected to nine выпрямительным to the silicon diodes placed on payments and arms in the case of the generator. Diodes carry out straightening of an alternating current generated in windings.

In both covers of the case of the generator it is placed on the ball bearing in which the rotor shaft is planted. On a rotor shaft magnets characteristic “клювообразной” the forms covering a winding of excitation are fixed. On the same to a shaft contact rings are established. Rings are isolated from a shaft and connected to conclusions of a winding of excitation.

Against contact rings rest подпружиненные coal brushes. One of 5.щеток is connected to plug D +, the second - to the plug D-. Wires from both plugs are deduced outside through a back cover. At ignition inclusion when the engine is not started yet, запитывается the following electric chain: the positive plug of the battery - contacts of the switch of ignition - a control lamp - a pressure regulator - a winding of excitation of the generator - weight. The control lamp in an instrument guard of the car thus joins.

On termination of engine start when frequency of rotation of a cranked shaft will exceed 900 rpm, the generator is raised and starts to develop an alternating current straightened then диодной by assemblage. On plug D + thus there is a pressure and as differences of potentials on a control lamp already are not present, it dies away. In a winding of excitation the current arrives through three diodes (6) and a pressure regulator. The diodes named diodes of excitation, work similarly to diodes (4) and (5), with that only a difference that their loading is only the winding of excitation and a pressure regulator in view of what they it is less on the size and do not require heat-removing radiators.

The current between the generator and the storage battery can flow only in one напрвлении - from the generator to the battery. In its opposite side assemblage does not pass диодная выпрямительная.

The size of the pressure created by the generator, is regulated by change of a current of excitation in a rotor winding. This function is carried out by a pressure regulator.

Pulley in крыльчаткой blowing fasten on a rotor shaft with the help законтренной nuts М14.

The arm of an adjusting lath of updating of effort of a tension drive a belt fastens on a head of cylinders by means of a nut of fastening of a head. A nut навернута on bolt М8х20.



1. Disconnect a negative wire from the battery.
2. Remove a belt of a drive of auxiliary units from a generator pulley.

L models 1.3


1. Remove a protective cap, remove a nut with washers and throw off the plug of a wire of a food from a contact hairpin of the generator.

2. Disconnect from the generator an alarm wire.

3. Give a bolt () the top support of the generator.

4. Release a nut of a bolt of fastening of the bottom support and turn generator assemblage to a radiator for the purpose of maintenance of sufficient working space.

5. Turn out the bottom through bolt and remove the generator from a basic arm.

Diesel models and l models 1.6


1. Disunite on the generator a socket of an alarm wire.

2. Remove a protective cap, give a nut, remove washers and disconnect from the generator the plug of a wire of a food.

3. Turn out bolts of the bottom and top support of the generator, then remove the generator from the arm. At a corresponding complete set turn a roller натяжителя drive a generator belt outside, providing access to a bolt of the bottom support.

All models


If there is a necessity with removal of the module of a shchetkoderzhatelja/regulator of pressure, address to materials Replacement of the module of a shchetkoderzhatelja/regulator of pressure Has undressed.



1. Installation is made upside-down. Track correctness of a lining and adjustment натяжиения drive a belt.
2. Tighten all fixture with demanded effort.