Skoda Felicia

Since 1994 of release

Repair and car operation

Shkoda Felitsija
+ Cars of mark Skoda Felicia
+ The maintenance instruction
+ Routine maintenance
- Engine repair
   + Repair without extraction from the car of the petrol engine of 1.3 l
   - Repair without extraction from the car of the petrol engine of 1.6 l
      The description of the basic knots and mechanisms
      Reduction of the piston of the first cylinder in position of the top dead point (ВМТ) the end of a step of compression
      Check компрессионного pressure - an order of carrying out and interpretation of results
      Removal and installation of a belt of drive ГРМ and its covers
      Removal, check of a condition and installation of cogwheels and натяжителя a belt of drive ГРМ
      Removal, installation and adjustment of effort of a tension of a belt of a drive of auxiliary units
      Removal and installation of a cover of a head of cylinders
      Replacement of an epiploon of a camshaft
      Replacement of epiploons of a cranked shaft
      Removal and installation of a head of cylinders in gathering with the inlet pipeline and a final collector
      Check of serviceability of functioning of hydraulic pushers
      Removal, check of a condition and flywheel installation
      Check of a condition and replacement of support of the power unit
      Removal and pallet installation картера the engine
      Removal and installation of the oil pump and маслозаборника
   + Repair without extraction from the car of the diesel engine
   + Dismantle of the power unit and engine major repairs
+ Systems of cooling, heating
+ The power supply system
+ Engine electric equipment
+ Coupling
+ Transmission
+ Power shafts
+ Brake system
+ Suspension bracket and steering
+ Body and salon furnish
+ Onboard electric equipment


The description of the basic knots and mechanisms

The block of cylinders and its internal components

1 — the Loose leaf of the radical bearing
2 — Bolts of fastening of a cover of the radical bearing
3 — Covers of radical bearings
4 — Loose leaves of the third (persistent) radical bearing
5 — the Bottom persistent half rings
6 — the Flange under flywheel landing
7 — the Bolt of fastening of a flywheel
8 — the Bolt of fastening of a flywheel
9 — the Flywheel
10 — the Bolt of fastening of a back cover

11 — the Back cover
12 — the Holder of an epiploon
13 — the Sealing lining
14 — Samokontrjashchajasja a nut
15 — the Bottom persistent half rings
16 — the Forward cover
17 — the Forward epiploon
18 — the Adjusting plug
19 — the Gear wheel of a drive of the oil pump
20 — the Oil pump

Shatunno-piston assemblage

1 — Piston rings
2 — the Piston
3 — the Piston finger
4 — the Lock ring
5 — the Rod

6 — Loose leaves
7 — the Block of cylinders
8 — the Cover of the bottom head of a rod
9 — the Bolt of fastening of a cover

Head of cylinders and components клапанного the mechanism

1 — the Bolt of fastening of a cover of the first support
2 — the Nut of a fixing hairpin
3 — Covers of bearings
4 — the Camshaft
5 — the Hydraulic pusher
6 — Crackers of the cutting lock
7 — the Plate клапанной springs
8 — Klapannaja a spring

9 — the Directing plug (repair)
10 — Maslootrazhatelnyj a cap
11 — the Directing plug
12 — the Epiploon
13 — head Moulding
14 — Valves
15 — Bolts
16 — the Spring
17 — Arm ВВ of wires

The scheme of functioning of a hydraulic pusher

1 — a valve Core
2 — an oil Supply
3 — the Oil chamber
4 — Low pressure of oil

5 — the Piston
6 — the Ball valve
7 — the Spring
8 — the Case плунжера

The scheme of drive ГРМ

1 — the Top cover
2 — the Gear belt
3 — Bolts
4 — a belt Guard on a site of an arrangement of the water pump
5 — the Bolt
6 — the Gear belt of a camshaft
7 — Bolts
8 — Bolts
9 — the Internal cover
10 — the Sealing ring
11 — the Water pump

12 — the Tension roller
13 — the Nut
14 — the Cover
15 — the Cogwheel of a cranked shaft
16 — the Bolt
17 — the Bolt
19 — the Multicostal belt of a drive
Auxiliary units
20 — the Bolt
21 — the Bottom cover

The block of cylinders

The block of cylinders is cast from pig-iron. The general view and an order of installation of components of the block of cylinders are presented on an accompanying illustration. Directly in a block body cylinders are pierced. In the bottom part of the block five beds of radical bearings of a cranked shaft are executed. Covers of bearings fasten to the block special bolts М10х65. Washers under heads of bolts are not established.

Axial люфт a cranked shaft it is supervised by the persistent half rings established on the third radical bearing.

Cranked shaft

The cranked shaft is forged from a steel and consists of five radical and four шатунных necks. On a forward pin of a shaft the gear wheel of a drive of the oil pump is fixed and the groove under installation segment шпонки under landing of a cogwheel of a belt of drive ГРМ is provided. At a back end face of a shaft the flange under flywheel installation is equipped.

Shatunno-piston group

Shod rods have двутавровое section and a direct cut of the bottom head. In the top head запрессована the bronze plug which then is pierced till the demanded diameter (17.6 mm). The bottom head is cut in the middle, and then pierced till the diameter 50.6+0.01 (without loose leaves). Correct mutual position of a cover of a rod and loose leaves шатунного the bearing is designated by special labels. Besides, on a head number of the cylinder to which there corresponds the given rod is beaten out also. The cover шатунного the bearing fastens to the bottom head bolts М8х1 of type TORX. In the course of major repairs performance it is accepted to make replacement of bolts of covers шатунных bearings. Components of shatunno-piston assemblage are presented on an illustration.

Pistons are cast from an aluminium alloy and have the concave bottom which cavity partly forms volume of the chamber of combustion. At installation the piston should be developed by a label on the bottom towards an arrangement of drive ГРМ. The piston finger having floating landing is fixed in assemblage by two lock rings. At landing to a rod the piston is warmed up to 60С then in it the piston finger refuels. On each of pistons are established on two компрессионных and on one маслосъемному to a ring.

Head of cylinders and газораспределительный the mechanism

In a head of cylinders valves are placed having рядное an arrangement. The arrangement scheme in a head of components клапанного the mechanism is shown on an illustration.

The head of cylinders fastens to the block ten special bolts М11х1.5 of type TORX. The sealing lining of a head has a metal fringing of apertures under cylinders, and on perimetre is covered by a silicone condensing layer. Correct position of a lining on the block is provided with two adjusting pins planted in the interfaced surface of the block of cylinders.

The order of a tightening of bolts of fastening of a head of cylinders is shown on an illustration.

Inlet and final channels are deduced on the different parties of a head. In a head body запрессованы saddles and directing plugs of valves, and also are generated camshaft support. Covers of bearings of a camshaft fasten in a head bolts М7. In cases of extreme bearings epiploons are planted.

The drive of valves is made directly from a camshaft through the pushers equipped with hydraulic jacks. Hydrojacks provide беззазорный a drive of valves. The scheme of functioning of a hydraulic pusher is presented on an illustration.

The cogwheel of drive ГРМ fastens to a camshaft bolt М14х1.5х47. Drive ГРМ is carried out by a belt drive on the basis of gear belt СR Power 137STD8-19. The effort of a tension of a belt is provided with the tension roller simultaneously increasing a corner of coverage of pulleys. At installation of a gear belt it is necessary to achieve combination of adjusting labels. After belt installation it is necessary to turn a cranked shaft on some turns and again to check up correctness of combination of labels.

The effort of a tension of a belt is regulated automatically by means of hydraulic натяжителя. The scheme of drive ГРМ is presented on an illustration.

The water pump

Not folding centrifugal water pump fastens to the block of cylinders two bolts М8. Connection герметизируется a rubber sealing ring. The pump is put in action gear газораспределительным by a belt. In default pump replacement in gathering is made.

The inlet pipeline and final collector

The inlet pipeline is made of plastic and divided into four channels, incorporating to inlet apertures of a head of cylinders. A joint place герметизируется a sealing ring. In the inlet pipeline the flowmeter and gauges of temperature of soaked up air, and also the air thermostat are placed. Outside the tube of system of catching of fuel evaporations is connected to the pipeline.

The final collector is planted on hairpins and fastens to the block by means of nuts М8. Between a collector and a head it is established the sealing lining reinforced by metal. At installation of a final collector on the engine replacement of a lining and fixing nuts is made without fail.